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We treat by the method of preserving your teeth as much as possible. It is because it is our motto. We recover the function of the teeth which you have lost as much as possible. And, we are also performing the routine health checkups of prevention of tooth decay and periodontosis prevention, in order to maintain teeth healthily.

Dentists should try to keep your original teeth as much as possible before taking discussion about the INPLANTS to you. If you may be able to keep your original teeth, you would enjoy eating and feeling young in your future. As you know, nowadays, many dentists tend to change to INPALANTS easily, even if your teeth can chew meal yet. We do not recommend to change to INPLANTS easily. The dentist has to give explanation to which  patients can be convinced. And the patients also have to have a decision which does not wave by itself. The patients need to collect the information about their teeth correctly, and they need to judge them by self.

We hope you can be a cool patient who knows the value of one’s teeth.

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